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Tips for Phone Use

Be sure to test your phone prior to your event!

  • Check that the power bank is fully charged. Plug power bank into a wall charger if needed.

  • Connect phone to the power bank and wait for the light to turn white on bottom of the phone (this may take a minute or two).

  • Set up phone inside in a climate controlled area. Outside elements and extreme temperatures will cause phone to turn off and messages to not save.

  • Please ensure that you wait at least a minute or two after the last message has been left before disconnecting the power. The phone needs a small amount of time to ensure the message is fully saved. Disconnecting the power prematurely may lead to the last message being lost or corrupted.

Tips for having an audio guestbook at your event:

  • Phone must be completely hung up to save messages.

  • Maximum message length is 60 seconds.

  • Place phone in an area where guests will notice it. Include instructions or signage to explain what it is and invite them to use it.

  • Distance phone from other loud activities to ensure messages can be easily heard. Keep phone away from potential of spilled beverages.

  • Arrange phone and power bank in a manner it won't accidentally get unplugged.

  • Assign someone at your event to occasionally check on the status of the phone (i.e. enough battery power, still plugged in, white light still on, etc.)

  • Don't forget to leave a message yourself! You'll be happy to have a recording of your voice and memories too!

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