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Creating Your Custom Audio Greeting

Recalling Memories phones are available with the following standard message:

"Please leave your message at the beep. When you are finished recording, hang up the phone to save your message."

If you would like to include a personalized custom audio greeting to be uploaded to the phone, you can do that at home with your own recording device (any audio recording app on your cell phone should work!)

Tips for creating an awesome custom message:

  • Use your recording device in a quiet location with no background noise

  • After pressing the record button silently count to 3 before you start speaking

  • Be sure to give instructions for what you would like your guests to do with the phone (tell a story, leave a wish, share a memory, give advice, etc.)

  • Remind users to hang up the phone to save the message

  • At the end of your message, silently count to 3 before stopping your recording

  • Make sure your file is saved as a .wav file. You can use a service like to convert your file into this format

  • Send it to -- we'll handle the rest!

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