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Pricing starting at $329 per event

wichita's favorite
audio guestbook

Say hello to the easiest way to record memories you'll want to have forever.

Just pick up the phone and leave a message. It's that easy!

Recalling Memories' cute little rotary phone records personal voicemails for each individual user. Our not-quite-retro phone houses a powerful computer that'll capture each message and turn it into an audio file and a shareable video file perfect for posting your favorite social media channels. 

At some point in everyone's life there are moments in time that we either keep mementos or wish that we had. Often those are photos, cards or letters from those who are most important to us. Many times when we look back on those things we try to imagine those words in the voice of the person who wrote them. Sadly, sometimes the memory of that voice fades even when we desperately want to hold onto it. Recalling Memories' audio guest book allows you the opportunity to save in perfect clarity the words of those who are most important to you in their own voice.

Great for weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, baby showers, birthdays, retirement parties, anniversaries, graduation parties, quinces, or any other moment full of memories you want to recall. 

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choose a phone color to match your vibe

Mint Green Audio Guestbook Phone
White Audio Guestbook Phone
Mustard Yellow Audio Guestbook Phone
Black Audio Guestbook Phone
Azure Blue Audio Guestbook Phone
Red Audio Guestbook Phone
Orange Audio Guestbook Phone
Light Blue Audio Guestbook Phone
Ivory Audio Guestbook Phone
Blush Pink Audio Guestbook Phone

Recalling Memories has the most color options to choose from in Wichita!

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and enjoy when guests leave messages like these

how does an
audio guestbook
rental work?

How long is a rental?

Rental period is for the entire day of your event, and it can include set up the evening before and pick up the morning after - just let us know what you need and we'll make it happen!

Where can I put it?

Recalling Memories' phones are battery powered and do not need to be located near an electrical outlet. We recommend dedicating a table (and maybe some comfy chairs) for your guests to use while leaving you a message.

When do I get my messages?

You will receive all your messages within 1 day (24 hours) of when the phone is picked up. No long waiting periods - receive and enjoy your audio guestbook while the memories are still fresh.

Where do you rent?

All rentals include delivery up to 50 miles away from Wichita, KS 67207. Our handy online scheduling tool can calculate additional travel fees and show you your exact rental total before booking.

Can I customize it?

Absolutely! You can choose to use the built-in operator message or record your own voice message to play when your guests pick up the receiver. You will also have the opportunity to choose the artwork for the shareable video files.

How do I get my messages?

You will be emailed a link to a password protected online gallery that can easily be shared with your family and friends. Audio files will be available for 12 months after your rental.

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get in touch

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Staci Brucks

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